Accelerometers and Incident Data Recorder Analysis

The detailed analysis of information retrieved from vehicle mounted devices such as insurance black boxes and vehicle telematics systems can yield valuable information relating to the circumstance that led to an incident taking place. It is also important to consider any potential limitations to the quality of this data that might exist.

Airbag Module Data Analysis

The majority of modern vehicles retain a snapshot of data relating to important elements such as vehicle speed and various other factors such as seat belt use, steering input and accelerator application in the seconds before a collision. The number of vehicles from which this information can be obtained is rapidly increasing as more manufacturers allow the data to be retrieved. Insight Collision Forensics are able to analyse the data recovered from airbag modules and relate the information to the circumstances of the collision.

Emergency Vehicle Collisions

Emergency vehicles are often driven at high speed or outside the parameters of what is considered ‘normal driving’. Occasionally these emergency service vehicles become involved in collisions. Insight Collision Forensics are experienced in the investigation of emergency vehicle collisions and have an understanding of the often unique circumstances that surround them. We are able to offer an in-depth analysis of incidents involving emergency vehicles and provide reports to assist where the potential outcome could be a criminal prosecution, or internal disciplinary matter.

Light Bulb Examination

Examination of the lamp filaments recovered from vehicles that have been involved in collisions can be useful in situations where it is important to ascertain whether or not a particular lamp was activated when a collision took place. Insight Collision Forensics are able examine suitable light bulbs from vehicles and report on whether there is evidence of them being lit at the time of a collision.


Many goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles are fitted with tachographs which record information about journeys taken by vehicles and the hours worked by a driver. This information can be useful in understanding the circumstances surrounding an incident or a journey. Insight Collision Forensics is able to offer analysis of the data from the older chart-based and the more modern tachograph systems.

Quality Assurance

All evidential reports provided by Insight Collision Forensics will have the critical findings contained therein peer reviewed by suitably qualified experts.

Independent Critical Finding and Peer Reviews

Occasionally expert witness reports contain errors and mistakes. Insight Collision Forensics is able to offer a quality assurance service to other expert witnesses, where the critical findings are checked.

Court Appearances

Insight Collision Forensics is able to offer expert witness support up to and including providing expert witness evidence at Court; including the writing of joint expert reports when instructed.